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Registrations for Summer 2014

If you would like to be added to our art camp list serv, send a request to

Please have the following info gathered before you register online:
• A credit card
• The parent’s/guardian’s name, day phone, cell phone, and email address.
• Emergency contact name and phone
• Your child’s physical conditions (allergies, recurring illness, disabilities, etc.)
• Insurance company info (name, policy number, group number)
• Date of child’s most recent tetanus immunization
• Name and phone of child’s family physician

•All forms are now included in the registration process.

“In rare instances a session placed in your shopping cart may be filled before you are able to checkout. This occurs when two people are attempting to register for one remaining spot in the same program. In this case, the first person to successfully process their payment will receive that spot. The other individual will be notified only through their confirmation that registration was unsuccessful for that session.”

Cost: $195 per camp

Dates for Summer 2014:

Art Camp sessions (9am to 4pm):
Session 1: June 16-20 Session 2: June 23-27
Session 3: July 7-11
Session 4: July 14-18
Session 5: July 21-25

Pottery & 11-14yr old camps (pottery is 2 weeks, either 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm):
Session 1: June 16-27
Session 3: July 7-18

Session 5: Session 5: July 21-25 (one week only, 9am-4pm))


The camp structure is different as of 2013, as we have moved to a ONE WEEK, FULL DAY (9am-4pm) schedule for ages 6-10yr olds.

For 11-14 year age group, camps will continue to be half day, two weeks. Wheel Thrown Pottery Camps will only be offered to this age group for half the day and there will be other options to register for during the other half of the day if f a child would like to stay all day.

If your request to withdraw is received at least fifteen business days prior to the first day of camp, a partial refund can be issued. A $50 administrative fee will be charged for each withdrawal.

• The University may cancel or postpone any course because of insufficient enrollment or other
unforeseen circumstances. If a program is cancelled or postponed, the University will refund
registration fees but cannot be held responsible for any other related costs, charges, or expenses.
• Children with consistent discipline problems will be asked to leave camp
without refund.
• No alterations or special arrangements for any programs can be considered.

Summer is one of the highlights of our year! It is a time when we offer a wide variety of specialized art camps designed to stimulate the imagination and attract the individual interests of children (ages 6 to 14).

Every year new and exciting art camp projects are designed by CFAC staff and Penn State Art Education - Art Majors and Graduate students who work as camp instructors.

This synergetic teaming benefits both campers and art instructors by exposing our campers to a vibrant, innovative arts and crafts curriculum while at the same time giving our instructors valuable teaching experiences. Outdoor play and field trips to various on-campus locations enhance the camp experience.

Camp sessions for Ages 6-10yr are 1 week long, and meet 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday. There are five sessions of art camps this summer, and there's enough variety for your child to attend all summer and never take the same camp twice! Children bring their own snacks and lunches. Lunch is supervised.

Camp sessions for Ages 11-14 are two weeks long, meet either 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm, Monday through Friday. You can register for only half the day or full day.

Mixed media, painting and drawing, printmaking, nature, music, fantasy, cultural art, papermaking, wheel-thrown pottery, and photography are just some of the variety of art camps offered each summer.


Summer Art Camps are an outreach program of the following groups:

3 Ritenour Building | 814.863.0611 | Contact the Center for Arts and Crafts