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Separation Information

The Office of Student Conduct provides this information to students who have been issued a sanction of Disciplinary Suspension, Indefinite Expulsion or Expulsion in order to articulate the withdrawal and re-enrollment process. The information contained within this brochure is not intended to be exhaustive but instead should provide some general information to help with exiting and re-enrolling in the University. Any questions related to specific processes should be directed to the appropriate office or department. There may also be other processes that are necessary for specific situations that are not listed in this brochure.

The Office of Student Conduct will provide official notification including date of Disciplinary Suspension, Indefinite Expulsion or Expulsion to the following offices and departments:

In addition to formal notification, a registration hold will be placed on the student record by the Office of Student Conduct preventing future registration until approved through Student Conduct.


There are three forms of disciplinary separation from the University:

Returning to the University

After Disciplinary Suspension:

When the period of suspension has ended, the student is considered for registration in compliance with current academic standards as long as any assigned sanctions or conditions are completed satisfactorily. If sanctions are not completed satisfactorily, the suspension may be extended. Students must still follow re-enrollment procedures (below).

After Indefinite Expulsion:

A student who has been indefinitely expelled is not eligible for re-enrollment prior to one year from the date of expulsion and can only be approved for re-enrollment by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.

To ensure a decision is made in a timely manner, an indefinitely expelled student must request approval for re-enrollment at least three months prior to the semester for which he wishes to return. Requisite information includes a personal letter of application, letters of recommendation, supervisory reports and recommendations and probation reports if appropriate. Contact the Office of Student Conduct to obtain more detailed information regarding what is required.

If the student receives a positive decision from the Senior Director, the student must still follow University re-enrollment procedures (below).

Re-enrollment Procedures

Students approved to seek re-enrollment must contact the Registrar's Office and complete the Undergraduate Re-enrollment Form (found at http://www.registrar.psu.edu/). There is a $20 non-refundable re-enrollment fee.

The campus Registrar will then make a decision regarding the request and will forward the form to the student’s College for further processing. The student should then contact his College to register for classes.

A separated student should make contact with the following offices to inquire about exit procedures:

Housing, Food Services & Residence Life

Tuition & Fees

Student Aid

A separated student must contact the office of Student Aid to assess personal financial standing with any approved or requested aid.


A separated student must return his parking permit to the University Parking Office after the official notification of separation. The Parking Office may provide a prorated refund.

Network Access

A separated student’s Penn State Student Computer Access Account will be locked during the period of separation, even if that student works on campus, unless specific exception is requested by the Senior Director of Student Conduct.

Office Information

This information is intended to provide assistance, but students are recommended to contact the specific offices and refer to the OSC Procedures to get the most definitive and current information. The following links provide contact information for some of the offices commonly utilized for the Office of Student Conduct separation process.

Office of Student Conduct (814)-863-0342
120 Boucke Building, University Park campus

University Registrar’s Office (814)-865-6357
112 Shields Building, University Park campus

Office of the Bursar (814)-865-6528
103 Shields Building, University Park campus

Housing, Food Services & Residence Life (814)-865-7501
201 Johnston Commons, University Park campus

Office of Student Aid (814)-865-6301
314 Shields Building, University Park campus

University Parking Office (814)-865-1436
Eisenhower Parking Deck, University Park campus

Updated February 10, 2014

120 Boucke Building | 814.863.0342 | Contact the Office of Student Conduct