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FAQ for Community Members

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What should I do if I am concerned about a student's behavior?

If you are concerned about an immediate or serious threat, call 911 or contact the Behavior Threat Management Team at Penn State. If you believe that a student's behavior constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct, are concerned about a disturbing interaction you've had with a student, or believe you are a victim of a student's misconduct, you can file a complaint and bring the behavior to the attention of the Office of Student Conduct in the form of an allegation of student misconduct.

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What services do you provide for resolving disputes involving students?

Students may invite community members to participate in a formal mediation to resolve disputes. Mediation is a process in which two individuals or groups meet to resolve a conflict with the facilitation and help of a neutral third party. Mediators are trained to assist people in airing their concerns, clearing up misunderstandings, and arriving at a resolution that is agreeable to both parties. Mediation sessions at Penn State are one hour long and are conducted confidentially and safely by trained mediators. Information about how to request a mediation.

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What is the University doing about problem drinking among Penn State students?

Students are held accountable by the Office of Student Conduct for alcohol violations that occur on and off campus. As with all misconduct, the disciplinary response to an alcohol violations depends upon the details of the incident, any prior discipline history, and the conversation that takes place with the student in a discipline conference. In order to address the issue of problem drinking among Penn State students, the University has implemented a number of programs intended to educate students about alcohol and reduce problem drinking. All incoming first year students are required to complete an online education and learning module that provides detailed information about alcohol, including the effects alcohol has on mind and body, alcohol-related state laws, and university policies related to alcohol consumption. Additionally, a mandatory alcohol education program is assigned for all students who are charged with an alcohol violations. The Penn State Commission for Substance Abuse Preventions (CSAP) has been created to support the campuses in identifying, implementing, and delivering evidence-based strategies for alcohol and other drug prevention.

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What is the policy about incidents that occur off-campus?

The Pennsylvania State University expects students to conduct themselves in accordance with the law. Student behavior off the premises of the campus that may have violated any local, state, or federal law, or yields a complaint from others alleging law violations or student misconduct will be reviewed by the University. Upon receipt of a complaint alleging off-campus student misconduct, the Senior Director of the Office of Student Conduct or his/her designee will review the allegations and if necessary consult with a Senior Student Affairs Administrator to determine the appropriate course of action by the University. Information about the Off-Campus Misconduct Policy is available.

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